Gael Knight Company offers a broad spectrum of tax, accounting and financial services. Our team of trusted Certified Public Accountants, Personal Financial Specialists, Tax Managers, Project Managers, and Administrators cover every aspect of our nation’s intricate taxation system, so our clients can rest easy knowing their financial future is in the right hands. Learn more about our services below. 



Tax Preparation and Planning for Individuals and Businesses 

Income tax laws are a complicated affair. At GKC we excel in this complexity. It’s essential you entrust your tax preparation and planning to a team of qualified professionals who will keep you within the strict boundaries of United States regulation. We make it our business to understand taxation, so you don’t have to. 

Each year, we implement tax planning strategies and prepare tax returns for individuals and entities, securing brighter financial futures for our clients. Speak to us about our quarterly or semi-annual tax planning programs, use of entity strategies, or our consultation services that focus on stock, property sales, and life changing monetary events. 



Review and Compilation Attestation 

GKC offer two levels of attestation services related to your business’ financial statements. Our team of specialists are appointed to conduct reviews of books and records, uncovering flaws that can weaken operational efficiency, costing business owners like you money. 

From small local businesses to multinational giants and not-for-profit organizations, our talented professionals will review your financial statements, perform analytical procedures, and make inquiries of company personnel - identifying errors, miscalculations, and oversights. 

Looking for a less expensive alternative? Our compilation attestation services amass information provided by yourself and your employees, presenting the findings in financial statements, without opinion or assurances. 



Financial Consulting 

GKC offer shrewd and intelligent financial advice and consultation for individuals and businesses, educating you and your team on cash management, debt control, intelligent investmenting, budgeting, and retirement planning. Every day we help businesses manage risks, optimize income, dramatically reduce costs and strategize across a financial landscape that presents ever-evolving regulations and laws. We help you set feasible and attainable financial goals. 



Estate Planning 

The passing of a loved one presents a difficult time for families. Here, at GKC we help carry some of the burden with a set of preparation tasks that serve to manage assets after a death, leaving you free to deal with other pressing matters. We can help you execute a will or trust, manage assets, bequest assets to heirs, implement trust accounts in the name of beneficiaries, settle estate taxes, and more. 



Charitable Gift Planning 

Donating a gift of money or other assets is generous and benevolent, but kindness must still fall in line with state and federal income tax, and capital gains rules laid out by the IRS. Charitable gifts require complex negotiation. With the right planning and provision, GKC can help your charitable offer materialize into instant or tiered income for an individual, organization or enterprise, furthering your chosen beneficiary for years to come. 



Accounting Services 

Keeping impeccable financial records of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments is a must for every individual and business. At GKC, we offer a broad portfolio of Accounting and Bookkeeping services – from process planning and periodic overview, to real time processing and assistance. With our pioneering software technology, our experienced team can advance your accounts well into the modern age, helping you simplify the books and better understand your profits, losses and asset accumulation. 



Reporting Related to Foreign Assets 

If you live or work abroad, or are of dual nationality or citizenship, you may be liable for United States tax. Federal law requires American citizens and resident aliens to report worldwide income, including income from overseas trusts and bank accounts. Juggling the requirements of two different laws can be overtly complex. Our team at GKC can take the sting out of your frustration, helping you navigate the more intricate elements of filing requirements, ensuring you stay well within the parameters of the law. 



Fin 48 Analysis and Tax Provisions 

FIN 48 is the official understanding and explanation of United States accounting rules - rules which require businesses to analyze and disclose uncertain income tax positions. GKC’s team of knowledgeable assessors can help increase transparency, guaranteeing your delivery of accurate estimates for total income tax liability. What’s more, we ensure you play it safe at all times, avoiding unnecessary repercussions from erroneous financial statements. 


For our high net worth clientele, we offer a range of wealth management services. For details please visit