Our Story

Built on a California Family Tradition


The foundations of the Gael Knight Company are laid on the soil of family life. For over half a century the Knights have provided world class financial, accounting, and tax services to hard working individuals, demonstrating a business philosophy based on the same core values that exist in our family: trust, loyalty, commitment, knowledge, and strength. Knight is a name born from the blood, sweat, and tears that made our nation great. We toiled to achieve the American Dream. From our blueprint, great things were built… 

In 1954, after returning from military service in Korea, George Knight - the Patriarch of our family - earned his degree in Accounting at San Jose University. From a kitchen table in his Los Altos home, the first flashes of George’s fiscal genius were glimpsed. Over the proceeding decades he cultivated a prosperous and dependable company, serving individuals and small businesses across Santa Clara County and the Silicon Valley, earning his reputation as a leader in financial solutions. George was of the people, working for the people. Today, we still think of him as the heart of our company and the clients he served as the lifeblood - as close as our very own kin. 

Since then, George’s company has matured into a financial dynasty overseen by three generations in the golden state of California. Having originally been known as Knight and Company, the business split into two enterprises in 2015, birthing a new era of Knight family ventures in GKC. We work with clients from across the world, providing a range of financial services including tax preparation, accounting, review and compliance attestations, financial consulting, estate planning, charitable gift planning, foreign assets reporting, and Fin 48 analysis and tax preparation. What’s more, we also offer exclusive consultations on business strategies and wealth management.

With our owner Gael and managers Sergei and Polly at the helm (accompanied by a team of preparers and administrators), our breadth of qualifications, technical know-how, and experience means we can confidently say we put our, “money where our mouth is.” 

Our cutting edge computer technology and accounting software programs take our clients to places previously not made possible. We may have been founded on the principles of the 1950’s but our service provision and solutions are firmly grounded in the 21st Century. We take your finances seriously, helping you save, profit, and find enjoyment in your hard earned capital...just the way George Knight intended. 

Financial futures look bright at Gael Knight Company. 

With the warmest wishes, 

Gael, Sergei, Polly & the Team